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The possibilities for small business in the Pacific Islands is huge. Stop thinking about big business. Stop creating government jobs, and encourage people to start their own enterprises. Build an economy that is local based. By this I mean, there are a lot of things people can do from their homes and land that will produce an income. A starting teacher gets paid $240 bi-weekly, $120 a week. It is easy to make this amount or more by building small businesses in people homes. I believe, the income they make has more impact on the economy than a multi-million dollar foreign owned company. The money made locally stays local. The money made by the corporations leaves. Additionally, the foreign corporations pay low wages to the locals. Western economies all started with small businesses, which then supported the creation of their large corporations. I have a 2 page list of businesses that people can create for $500 or less. Please see the attached document. If you have questions about any of the ideas I would be glad to talk about them.


 Patrick Maloney’s Small Business Ideas  for FSM

$500 Dollar Businesses

 Madeu Tea bags

Noni tea bags

Yam chips

Taro Chips

Yam flour

Taro Flour

Breadfruit Flour

Banana Flour

Sponge farm

Plastic Bag Weaved Purses

Coconut ice cakeees made in the mom and pop stores

Men’s Shirts

Thatch production

Bamboo Grass wall production

Compost production

Lemon grass tea

Pancake mixes from local flour

Chicken farm

Chinese Cabbage Farm

Smoothie shops in other parts of the island

Portable Nahs

Thatched cover swing benches

Duck Farm

Bamboo furniture

Bamboo windchimes

Kimchee production

Concrete patio furniture

Concrete Rocket Stoves

Coconut bowls



$500 to $10,000

Business Planning training

Home Stay – Bed Breakfast  place (Local Style)

Tour Guides Terrestrial and Water

Maid and Nanny vetting service

Smoke and dried Fish production

Black pearl farm

Local made furniture


Sea Salt

Fiberglass boat repair

Goat Farm

Madeu Tea bags for export

Noni tea bags for export

Ice cream production for local consumption

Janitorial service

Carving coconut lumber to make wooden spoons



$10,000 to $100,000

 Brinxs Security System

Coconut oil producer

Circle Island Jeepney system

Eco tourism activities

Fiber glass Boat production

Western Style Coffee shop

Local Village style Hotel with cultural activities

Mobile Ice Cream and Smoothies

Mobile Take out lunches

Black pearl  divers

Dive shop for tourist and residents

Coconut fiber growing medium for hydroponic farming

Noni products

Turmeric Spice for export

Lemon grass spice for export

Marine fish for export

Coffee Shop Bistro style

Coconut soap

Coconut lumber mill

A call center

Cultural Center for tourist

Scooter rentals

Build ukuleles from local wood


$100,000 to $250,000

 Solar Power installation store

Dive Boat for outer island travel

Minto Reef Tours

Pepper for export


Fundable NGOs

Education services

Government watch dogs

NGO trainers

Recycler for plastic and aluminum cans

Community Health Centers